Fata Morgana: Mirage

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If you had one chance to change anything in your life, do you take it? If you could reverse time, spend time with a long-passed father or mother, visit a vintage friend, or have a road less journeyed, would you? If you had a second chance to right an awful wrong and perhaps remake the earth and your spirit in the process, would you get it? I had been 16 your day Stacie died. She was the love of my entire life, blond scalp, blue-eyed - the most amazing smile I'd ever seen. We were designed to be mutually for eternity, for the thing is, Stacie changed my entire life. Her simple life made me the man I am today. Not only did she show me how to live and love, she trained me that the little things are the big things, and the top things...well, as I'll soon learn, the top things are just for people that have courage. While I was a coward. And because I had been a coward, I was not there your day Crowley found her and stole her from everyone she ever loved, like the world. They say that love can reach from beyond the grave; in addition they say there is no such thing as a second chance. I am hoping they are wrong on both accounts.

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S. Muse







S. M. Muse

6 reviews for "Fata Morgana: Mirage" AudioBook

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    Robert Barrow

    THANKS! I will enjoy it while commuting to work

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    Julian Parker

    I'm very happy to have found it. I will start listening it this weekend :)

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    How can I download it? I can't find it :S

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    John Coleman

    Downloading it is really easy but you have to register, that is a bit annoying...

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    Stella Myers

    I liked this audiobook a lot! I totally recommend it!

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    I bought the book but lost it when I moved. I wanted to go through it, but I did not want to pay again, having it on audio is great, thanks!

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