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An EMP is a high-tech means of killing people the old designed way - through hunger, disease, and societal collapse. (Dr. Peter Vincent Pry) They never saw it plainly coming. Essentially the most technologically advanced missile defense system in the world...Thousands of sight, both individual and artificial intellect trained on the Axis of Bad - North Korea and Iran. The main one way they didn't look was up. Nuclear Armageddon hangs over America like a mighty sword as the Lone Superstar Series remains with e book two, Beyond Edges. American politics leaders failed to heed the warnings as two bullies of the world unite. North Korea and Iran - the Axis of Bad - bring the struggle to American land. A lot of the country is without power, and the new president must decide whether to retaliate and associated risk escalation of hostilities or concentrate on recovery to reduce loss of life. Through careful, wise planning and safety of their power grid, the talk about of Texas emerged relatively unscathed from the EMP episode. But what now? New edges are defined. People in the usa will attempt to mix them. Texans will protect them. Writer Bobby Akart masterfully intertwines historical truth with plausible fiction in this postapocalyptic EMP thriller, Beyond Edges. The Lone Superstar Series is a thought-provoking, gut-wrenching look into a postapocalyptic country devastated by nuclear destruction. Would you be ready to help make the tough decisions to safeguard your family and survive? Author's note regarding PG-13 score: The Lone Superstar Series does not contain strong dialect. It is designed to entertain and inform audiences of most ages, including teenagers and young adults. Although some views depict the genuine threat our land faces from an EMP episode and nuclear destruction, and the societal collapse which will bring about the aftermath, it generally does not contain graphic views typical of other books in the postapocalyptic genre. I believe more of our teenagers need to lead a preparedness lifestyle. Studies also show that our millennials don't have the basic survival skills. By writing this series free of vulgarities and gratuitous sexual innuendo, I've intended it to be suited to everyone. Thanks. Books in the Lone Superstar Series
Reserve One: Axis of Bad - available now
Reserve Two: Beyond Edges - March 29, 2018
Reserve Three: Lines in the Fine sand - April 30, 2018
Reserve Four: Texas Strong - May 30, 2018
Reserve Five: Fifth Column - June 27, 2018
Reserve Six: Suicide Six - July 30, 2018

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    Robert Barrow

    THANKS! I will enjoy it while commuting to work

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    Julian Parker

    I'm very happy to have found it. I will start listening it this weekend :)

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    How can I download it? I can't find it :S

  4. avatar4

    John Coleman

    Downloading it is really easy but you have to register, that is a bit annoying...

  5. avatar5

    Stella Myers

    I liked this audiobook a lot! I totally recommend it!

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    I bought the book but lost it when I moved. I wanted to go through it, but I did not want to pay again, having it on audio is great, thanks!

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